Nike: Experiential Marketing

Nike, Inc, is an American multinational corporation engaged in the design, development and worldwide marketing of some pretty amazing footwear, equipment, accessories and services. Nike takes their brand-culture very seriously as it not only describes themselves to their consumers, but it depicts how they envision themselves.

“Nike is no longer wholly reliant on a handful of superstars to move product.”

Take a moment, and try to recall the last couple Nike television commercials you’ve watched. Don’t be surprised when you’re unable to do so. Nike’s annual spend on on traditional advertising in the United States has dropped by 40% in just three years, even as its overall marketing budget has steadily been driven upward to hit 2.4 billion last year.

Gone is the reliance on marketing campaigns celebrating a single centralized focus in marketing. In the place of traditional marketing is a repertoire of interactive and experiential marketing elements that let Nike communicate directly with it’s consumers, weather that is a massive floating barge acting as a skateboarding park, or an Interactive mobile application used to capture consumer insight at an event, Nike can now more effectively engage consumers with marketing through experiential and interactive means.

Nike is going where it’s consumers are going. It’s core consumer, has given up television and traditional marketing for online communities and interactive havens where they can engage with the brand in a more interactive way. The digital world allows the brand to interact even more closely with it’s customers, potentially more closely than they did in the beginning, with Phil Knight selling track shoes right out of his own car in the 1960’s.

Nike’s marketing strategies have been known to be ground-breaking and innovative to say the least. If you do a quick search through google on Nike Marketing, you will be certain to find highly positive reactions like the following:

Nike Marketing in Google Search

Nike uses companies like BeCore to create rich, engaging experiences that captivate consumers and immerse them into the world of the Nike brand.

Examples of Nike’s Experiential Marketing Campaigns:

Nike SB Skate Barge in New York City by Becore NYC

Nike Open at Moynihan by BeCore

Nike Training Club Womens

Nike Women’s Training Club 10K

    Some post-campaign findings based on Experiential Marketing exposure:

Spontaneous mentions of the brand increase by 71% amongst people exposed to experiential activity.

Spontaneous recall of advertising increases by 237% after exposure to experiential activity.

67% of people exposed to experiential activity recommend the featured brand to an average of 4 other people.


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